Hey there! Are you struggling with those pesky home invaders that they call termites? If yes, then you’re not alone. Termites are truly a pain in the neck and, if left unchecked, can turn your precious property into dust. These meddling insects don’t make their presence felt till the cat gets out of the bag. But nevertheless, there’s no need to fear; when a termite control spray is there.

termite control spray

This blog takes you on a derailed journey about termite control sprays and how they help you in your quest to eradicate termites. So keep reading, for this will be an enlightening roller coaster ride. 

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How Termite Control Sprays Work 

A termite control spray is not your “typical” pest exterminator. The spray includes different ingredients that work together to eliminate termites. What’s more, the spray requires wearing protective gear and sealing all exits when applying. Otherwise, the aftermath may be bad for you or your loved ones. 

The ingredients in a Termite control spray 

Now, let’s look at the ingredients present in a termite control spray. To make life easy, let’s divide the ingredients into two parts. Main ingredients and supporting ingredients. Where the main ingredients do the dirty work, the supporting ingredients help them maintain their power and effectiveness. 

The main ingredients of a termite control spray are 

  1. Bifenthrin: 
    This is a synthetic pyrethroid, which has a ratio in killing termites
  2. Imidacloprid 
    This bad boy hits the termite’s nervous system. Hence, causing maximum damage. Ironically, it gets on their nerves, just like they do on ours. 
  3. Fipronil 
    Fipronil is Kryptonite for insects. Like Imidacloprid, it affects the nervous system by blocking the supply of chloride ions. This leads to paralysis and ultimately, death. A rather unpleasant yet deserving fate. Right?  
  4. Permethrin
    Permethrin follows the same trend as the previous ingredients. Like the last two, it also affects the nervous system, causing a slow, helpless, and painful death. 
  5. Chlorfenapryl 
    Although the previous ingredients aim for the termite’s brain, Chlorfenapryl goes for the body. Termites consume Chlorfrenapryl, which changes their cell functions, causing the cells to create less energy. Without energy, the termites slowly wear down and die out. 

We are done with the ingredients. In the next part, we will tell you about how a termite control spray kills termites. 

How termite sprays kill termites 

When you spray the infected area, the termites come into contact with the spray. When they inhale or consume the insecticide, it damages their nervous system, causing death.

Moreover, once a termite comes into the spray’s contact, it infects other termites, killing all of them. Isn’t it amazing? It’s like playing  Candy Crush and doing a Sugar Crush using the special candy. 

Furthermore, some termite control sprays follow a different approach. They hit the termite’s outer skeleton, causing it to dissolve. Hence, causing death. 

However, remember to follow the instructions on the spray. Take all the safety precautions. And, if still, there’s a problem, then take help from fmc termite control Lahore.  These people are experts in termite control and have all the solutions for you. 

Now, let’s talk about the advantages of using a Termite control spray for your termite extermination conquests.

Advantages of using a termite control spray 

Using a termite spray has many advantages for you. Some of them are as follows. 

  1. They are easy to use: 
    Unless you don’t follow the safety instructions, using a cockroach killer spray is easy. Just wear a mask, grab a pair of gloves, and become a termite ranger for yourself. Just apply the spray to the infected areas, and your work is done. 
  2. They are less expensive: 
    Termite sprays are less expensive when you compare termite control sprays with other pest control methods, such as fumigation or bait traps. Hence, they are a great way to get rid of termites. 
  3. They are fast:  
    What’s even better about termite control sprays is that they are fast. These sprays act as soon as they get the bait. And once they start, it’s a domino effect. 
  4. They have long-term effects:  
    The thing that makes termite control sprays so good is their long-lasting effect. Not only do they kill termites, but they also act as a shield, preventing more termites from entering and causing further infestations. 

But remember, getting the most out of termite control service in Lahore is only possible when you follow the safety instructions. Otherwise, it’s all useless. 

Choosing The Right Termite Control Spray 

When choosing a Termite spray, there are many things you should consider. 

termite spray

Firstly, check your budget. Some kill mosquitoes sprays are expensive, depending on their ingredients. So, choose wisely, and buy a product that fits your budget and provides the most benefit. 

Also, inspect the level of infestation. If the infestation is in the starting stages, you may not need a large amount of termite spray, or one, that is expensive.

Moreover, to make a better decision read online reviews. Online reviews give you a good heads-up on how effective the product actually is. 

So, consider these factors, and then make a decision. If it’s getting hard, take help from Lahore’s famous  cock roach killers, Termite Control Lahore. We assure you that these guys are the best in the market. 

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Termites are a nuisance and a pain in the neck. A thorn in the side of peace, prosperity, and a wonderful home. You can exterminate termites using a termite spray in Lahore. If that’s hard, take help from a termite control service. Just take out your phone, and type termite control services near me, and you’ll find all the options. Always remember that it’s best to deal with these pests before they get out of hand. 

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