According to statistics from the World health organization, as of 2022, there were 25,932 confirmed Dengue cases in Pakistan. Out of these, 62 people died because of the disease. The reason for this outbreak was the flooding which took place during the month of June. However, aside from the floods, one cannot rule out the lack of knowledge about pest control services as the reason for this massive Dengue outbreak. In this blog, I explain the benefits of pest control, particularly as a preventative measure against Dengue.      

Dengue Spray in lahore

All About Dengue- A Non-Contagious Yet Toll-Taking Disease 

So, what exactly is Dengue, what are its origins, and how does it affect the human body? The Dengue virus spreads from infected mosquitoes, who bite the carrier. The virus which causes the disease is known as the Dengue virus or shortened as (DENV). There are two mosquitoes which carry the virus with them. The first is the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, and the other is the Albopictus mosquito.

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Although the disease has a fatality rate of up to 1%, It takes a high toll on the human body. There is no specific treatment for the disease. In some Latin American and Asian countries, Dengue is a major cause of death. This is because these countries lack the medical facilities to manage such an outbreak. 

So, with all this food for thought I have given, think about this. What’s better, Prevention or cure? The rational answer is prevention. And perhaps the best preventative measure is getting a professional mosquito spray service provider on your side. 

However, aside from acting as a barrier against Dengue, a pest controller also has many other benefits. Keep reading to learn more about the general benefits of pest control for your home and business. 

The General Benefits Of Pest Control- For Your Life, Comfort, And Business 

1. No Bed Bugs Means No More Itching And Scratching 

The best thing about Pest control services is they have the plan to eradicate bed bugs. Yes, scientifically, bed bugs don’t carry major diseases. However, they are a big nuisance, and the constant scratching and itching they cause lead to secondary skin infections. Pest controllers have bed bug treatment solutions. They have large stocks of bed bug spray in Lahore at cheap rates. This enables them to provide you with a complete bed bug solution for your home.

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2. Prevents Your Property From Becoming A Safe Haven For Viruses And Bacteria 

Other than bed bugs, pest control in Lahore also prevents your business with protection against other viruses and bacteria. This prevents serious diseases. For example, cockroach droppings are a major cause of diseases Like Hantavirus and Salmonella. Hence, with pest control services, you reduce the health risks for you and your loved ones. 

3. The Lesser The Pests, The More The Customers 

Aside from a health perspective,  pest control also helps maintain the customer footfall at your business premises and improves your business’s ambience. The current age is the age of social media. Hence, spotting one pest in your workplace doesn’t scare just one customer; the word spreads like wildfire throughout communities. This damages your entire customer base. Hence, deemak control in Lahore, which is spray for termites, and other infestations, is important for your business. 

How Pest Control Helps Against Dengue 

1. Provides Seasonal Assessments 

As I mentioned earlier, Dengue has certain peak times. Such as the monsoon season is when mosquito kill spray services help kill mosquitoes. Pest control services provide seasonal assessments and follow-ups. They design a customized approach which suits your seasonal needs. Depending on size, the number of areas, such as crawl spaces. And chances of the virus spreading. 

2. Have All Inhouse And Outhouse Solutions

Further, pest control services don’t just take measures inside your home to help battle Dengue. They also focus on areas outside your premises. Such as your garden, air conditioning vents and other places that are potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes. 

3. Reach Areas Which Are Hard To Reach

Every area within your home is not accessible to a common person. This is because of a lack of equipment and expertise. Fortunately, experts with Dengue spray in Lahore have all the necessary equipment and protective gear to access such spaces. This allows them to completely spray and fumigate areas which are not accessible to a normal person. This provides 100% protection against mosquitoes. 

4. Provide Inexpensive And Effective Solutions

Professional pest controllers provide Inexpensive and effective solutions. This is because they are professionals. Hence, they know how much material and resources are needed for a particular place. Now think about this: if you didn’t have professional pest controllers, it would be hard to analyze how much pesticides are needed. Also, since you lack the expertise, you won’t have effective results. 

The Way Forward 

Pest control is a great way to eliminate the deadly pests which cause fatal diseases and infections. Also, it improves the ambience of your premises and home, which creates a positive atmosphere. From a business point of view, it promotes a positive image of your business, attracts new customers and helps retain existing customers. 

Furthermore, pest control also prevents termite infestations, which weakens the foundation of your property and paves the way for further damages and expenses if not done. 

Particularly, from the point of view of Dengue, pest control is a great preventative measure. Because Pakistan lacks the healthcare system necessary to manage a huge Dengue outbreak, prevention against Dengue is necessary, and pest control is the first step towards this prevention. 

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