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Are you fed up with termite infestations in your home and office? If yes, then you’re not alone. Termites are a nuisance that can take your mental peace away. But there’s a cure for everything. And the same is with termites. In today’s blog, we’ll tell you about termite treatment at home and how it can help you regain mental peace. So sit back, and keep reading. It’ll be a great roller coaster ride. 

The Termite Biology- Why Termites Do What They Do 

Before you think about how to get rid of termites, it’s important to know why they do what they do. So, here’s what happens. Termites are social insects, just like you and me. This is why they live in colonies or packs. But unfortunately, their colonies are your house or your workplace. That answers half of what’s going through your mind but raises another question. 

Why do termites like your home so much?  

Here’s why. 

Termites love cellulose, and cellulose is present in wood. And your home is full of wooden structures, which makes it the ideal location for termites. Therefore, without a termite treatment, your home is an easy target for termites. Now you know why termites invade your home. So in the next part, we’ll give tips on preventing termites from entering your home. 

Measures To Prevent Termites From Infesting Your Home

Remember, prevention is better than cure. So when you buy a new home, take these steps to prevent termites from entering.

1. Regular inspections and maintenance 

Contact a termite treatment company immediately when you move to a new place. These companies have professional people aware of spots with termite colonies. Therefore, they take action, killing the termites, before the infestation takes over your home completely. But remember, one session is not enough. So, you schedule monthly inspections. These inspections clearly show the number of termites in your place. Hence, be consistent, and keep the inspections going. 

2. Use a construction method not suitable for termites

Your construction type greatly affects the number of termites at your place. So, use a construction method that isn’t termite friendly.For example, you can use termite-resistant materials. Moreover, you also need to ensure that the soil doesn’t come into contact with the wood. Lastly, remove dead trees and trumps. Dead trees and stumps contain wood, and termites love wood. Therefore, they’re ideal for termites. So, when constructing your home, use a construction layout that isn’t termite friendly. 

3. Use physical barriers

You have many physical barriers that protect your home from termites. For example, metal mesh and concrete prevent termites from entering.Also, they are easy to use. Place them around your home’s foundation or other areas with higher risk. 

Hence, physical methods are the best termite treatment before they arrive at your home.Now that we are done with preventative measures, let’s talk about chemical methods for termite control.  

Chemical Methods For Termite Control

If the situation is bad and you can’t control termites. It’s time for some extra firepower. So now, we will tell you about the chemical treatments for termite control.  

1. Termiticide

Termiticides are chemical sprays that help you get rid of termites. Don’t go to a market if you’re looking for a termite spray. Instead, call a company that provides termite treatment at home. You’ll save a lot of money compared to if you get the spray yourself. So, if you find signs of termites, don’t wait. Contact a termite control company immediately, and get rid of them instantly. 

2. Bait traps 

Bait traps are another effective termite treatment. All you need is some pesticides and some bait. Now, what’s the best bait for termites? And the answer is a cardboard box. Here’s what you need to do. Just take a cardboard box, and fill it with the pesticide bait. Now, as soon as the termites eat the bait, they’ll go to other colony members. Hence, contaminating them.Some baits dissolve the termite’s exoskeleton, causing them to die because of the itching. So, these two treatments are good for killing termites in your home. But remember, never go at them yourself. Rather, call a good termite company, and let them do the work.  

The Takeaway

 Termite treatment is important, especially if you live in an area like Lahore. Yes, you can buy pesticides from Lahore. However, using them isn’t easy.  Hence, it’s better if you get help from a termite control company in Lahore. Termite control companies have all the equipment to kill termites. Moreover, the people are professionals. Hence, they know what’s best for you. However, remember, one time is not enough; you need regular sessions, either monthly or as you see fit. 

Also, when you buy a new home, prevent termites from entering. You can use a metal mesh or work your home’s construction. In the end, just make sure there aren’t any spaces for termites to breed and grow. 

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