Termites are a nuisance in a true sense. They are a source of disease and also disrupt your mental peace. A termite infestation is tough to deal with; it requires careful termite control measures to be put in place.

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The process of getting rid of termites is time taking and costly, but it’s important as well. When it comes to your business, having cockroaches wandering around is a bad thing, not just for you but for your customers as well. People don’t like working with businesses which are unhygienic. 

The prior becomes more important if you are a restaurant or part of the catering business. Think of the damage cockroaches can do, not just to your reputation but also to the food you serve or deliver. 

Cockroaches are a source of bacteria and viruses which cause diarrhea and typhoid. Hence, once they contaminate your food and supplies, you are toast. Anyone who eats that contaminated food will blame you for their illness, and what follows is the rampant social media backlash which leaves your reputation in tatters. 

However, don’t worry, I am not here to scare you; in fact, I’ll tell you about six cost-effective, DIY termite solutions for your problem. 

1.Boric Acid 

Boric acid is a common solution against a termite infestation. Also known as hydrogen borate, the acid directly affects the termite’s digestive system, leading to its death. 

The application of Boric acid is simple; just mix the acid with water, and spray the solution on the infested area. You can also use Boric acid to pre-treat the wood; this lessens the chances of infestation altogether. The acid is easily available throughout Pakistan.

2.Orange Oil

Orange oil is another great solution for termite control in Lahore; it is made from the cells in the orange’s skin, also called “Rind.” it eliminates pests like dry wood termites and Formosan termites.

The oil dissolves the termite’s exoskeleton, which causes dehydration; moreover, it also destroys their eggs, hence finishing the possibility of reproduction and, inevitably, re-infestation.

Aside from being helpful against termites, orange oil is also effective against ants and cockroaches. Hence, it is a great product for Deemak control in Lahore.  

3. Diatomaceous Earth

This powder is formed with the fossils of microalgae called Diatoms, similar to Orange oil and Boric acid; this powder also penetrates the termite’s exoskeleton, leading to dehydration and, inevitably, death.

Now, the question on everyone’s mind is; How does the Diatomaceous earth kill termites? When we look through a microscope, the compound comprises tiny cylindrical structures with sharp edges. These edges penetrate the termite’s exoskeleton, which causes dehydration. Startling, isn’t it? But it gets the job done, making it a great solution and a cheap alternative to pest control services in Lahore.  

Simply sprinkle the compound in a 2-inch thick layer around your home or business premises and see the magic for yourself. Just make sure you wear gloves and a mask while spraying; the compound causes skin irritation and damage to the lungs and nasal passages.  

4. Neem Oil

Another fluid detrimental to termites is Neem oil. Neem oil prevents termites from moulting, i.e. shedding their wings for new ones. It also affects their reproductive system; hence, they cannot reproduce. 

Apply neem oil to infested areas, such as wood. Once termites come in contact with the treated wood, they are history. Neem oil also damages the termite’s digestive system, affecting their feeding and killing them.  

Neem oil is also effective against bugs bed and helps kill mosquitoes larvae. 

5. The Carboard Box Solution

  Although the cardboard box solution doesn’t eradicate termites, it helps slow down the pace of infestation. The method is simple; just dampen two or three cardboard sheets and place them near the termite colony. 

  The damp cardboard attracts the termites, which fall for the trap. Observe the trap for three or four days. Once all the termites gather, burn the cardboard sheet. Burning the sheet kills most of the termites and slows the infestation process. 

The box method is the cheapest way to halt the termite invasion and gives time to take other necessary actions to stop the infestation completely. 

6. Salt Spray

  If you are looking for a homemade termite control spray, the answer lies on your dining table. And the answer to your termite infestation is Salt! Yes, salt. You read it right. Salt is a great solution to the termite problem. 

Termites hate salt because it dehydrates them. So, the more, the merrier. Just take a spray gun and fill it with a mixture of water and salt; the moment termites come into contact with the mixture, Boom! It’s over for those pesky wood-eating home invaders.

Termite treatment in lahore

My Two Cents

Termites are a menace; they destroy your home’s and business’s peace and aesthetic beauty, so it’s better to eliminate them as soon as possible. There are many methods of termite control which are pocket friendly. However, not everyone has the time and expertise to use them. 

The best course of action is to get a termite control service onboard. Termite control experts have the best solutions, considering many factors – the size of your place, your budget, and the level of infestation. 

The advantage of hiring a professional termite exterminator is their ability to access places beyond your reach. Their equipment allows them to reach your home’s farthest nook and corner and exterminate termite colonies completely.

The best part is that they also have relevant supplies, so you don’t need to get any. This makes professional pest control services reliable and effective, so you can sleep soundly and throw that termite problem outside the window.         

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