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No one wants to live in a house full of “roaches” They are a nuisance and the source of many illnesses and diseases. Cockroach control helps eliminate Cockroaches and promotes a healthy environment in your home and workplace.

Cockroach control service providers take into account a wide range of factors before making a plan of action for the elimination of Cock roach.  Such as the size of the place you live in and the chances of a Cockroach infestation, whether high or low.

On the basis of these factors, they set up a plan of action to eliminate Cockroaches from your place. If you underestimate the potential damage Cockroaches can cause to your “earthly abodes” Then, my friend, you are living in a world of delusion. To highlight the severity of this situation, I quote none other than warren buffet “There is seldom just one Cockroach in the kitchen. You know, you turn on the light, and all of a sudden, they all start scurrying around” Coming from a notable personality such as warren buffet shows even celebrities aren’t immune to the Cockroach crisis.

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In this blog, I explain the three ways of Cockroach treatment to eliminate Cockroaches from your premises completely.

Different Species Of Cockroaches In Pakistan

According to a research titled “ Species diversity and distributional pattern of Cockroaches in Lahore, Pakistan,” there are 4 dominant species in the region. The American Cockroach, oriental Cockroach, German Cockroach, and Turkestan Cockroach. Each of these 4 varieties of Cockroaches thrives on different substances and in different environments.

  1. The American Cockroach
    The American Cockroach is common in sewers and basements, specifically around pipes and drains.
  2. The Oriental Cockroach
    The oriental Cockroach is mostly found underneath leaves, stones, and outdoor debris. As well as garbage and material most likely to decay.
  3. The German Cockroach
    This species is an avid lover of food. Hence, kitchen and warm spots are a commonplace where this species is found.
  4. The Turkestan Cockroach
    This breed is native to the middle east. They are mostly found in compost piles, plant pots, and gardens.

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Common Diseases Caused By Cockroaches

Cockroaches spread diseases with their droppings, saliva or by direct contact. This shows how these harmless pests are not just a nuisance but a force to be reckoned with. Here is a list of common diseases these pesky home invaders cause. When you read this, I am sure you’ll rush for the best Cockroach killer for your home.

  1. Salmonellosis
    This is an infection caused because of the salmonella bacteria. This bacteria is present in the intestines of animals. The bacteria transmits to humans because of food contaminated with animal feces. The symptoms of this disease include diarrhea, cramps and fever.
  2. Gastroenteritis
    This is a very common disease which causes diarrhea and vomiting. Although the condition affects people of all ages, it commonly affects children. The main reason for this disease is the rotavirus, commonly found in Cockroaches and Cockroach eggs.
  3. Cholera
    Cholera is another form of diarrheal illness, although less severe than gastroenteritis. It still has a major impact on the human body. Cholera causes dehydration, thirst and vomiting, among other symptoms.
  4. Typhoid fever
    As per the World Health Organization, Cockroaches play a major part in the spread of typhoid fever. Typhoid is the worst of all these diseases because it is life-threatening. The salmonella bacteria, which is present in Cockroaches, is a cause of Typhoid fever. Typhoid symptoms include prolonged fever, fatigue, and constipation or diarrhea in either case.

Ways Cockroach Control Services Lead To A Disease Free Environment

  1. Insecticidal Spray
    Cockroach control services identify the entry points of Cockroaches and spray the area with Cockroach killer spray. When Cockroaches inhale the insecticide, it affects their body. Hence,  they pass out in mass amounts. This makes insecticidal spray an effective form of Cockroach treatment
  2. Glue Traps
    Glue traps are one of the many ways to get rid of Cockroaches. However, they are more of a preliminary assessment rather than a way to get rid of Cockroach.  Glue traps help identify the most active Cockroach spots. Hence, the use of glue traps with gel baits and other forms of pesticide control collectively helps eliminate the Cockroach threat completely.
  3. Gel Bait
    Glue traps help identify Cockroach breeding grounds, but gel baits are like a plague for Cockroaches. Once a Cockroach comes into contact with the gel bait, it takes death to its lair. Consequently, Tthe Cockroach which takes the bait dies, and when other Cockroaches feed on the dead Cockroach, they are also infected, which means mass deaths in the Cockroach colony. Hence,  this makes gel bait a great Cockroach exterminator.

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My Two Cents

Cockroach killers have all the necessary equipment to exterminate roaches from your home. From Cockroach sprays to gel baits, they have it all. Cockroaches are not just a group of home invaders or meddling pests which are a source of nuisance in your home. They are a carrier of a wide variety of intestinal diseases. Their droppings or direct contact with them can lead to diseases such as typhoid and gastroenteritis. All of these diseases have a severe impact on the human body and drain essential nutrients, which leads to weakness and lack of immunity.

This is why looking for a good roach exterminator near me should be your top priority. Roach exterminators consider your requirements and budget and design the best solution for you. These efforts keep your premises Cockroach free and promote a healthy environment

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